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How sustainable are warehouse/godown in Gurgaon?

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If considering NCR, Warehouse/godown in Gurgaon gives a tough competition to other NCR cities. 

Gurgaon is an ideal place for store-housing goods. One can find a cheap and skilled workforce, National connectivity, easily available space at reasonable rates, and all the manufacturing plants nearby. 

Either a newly constructed warehouse or retrofitted one, warehouse/godown are often designed with sustainable practices, and it’s an all-or-nothing approach. If you are about to lease a warehouse/Godown in Gurgaon, here are several features to think about during a sustainable warehouse, and how Gurgaon facilitates the best in class warehouses. 



A warehouse would be a place where people would be working rigorously to meet the ends and deliver to both company and consumer demands. Hence they are properly spaced, ventilated, and designed to help the staff manage the intake, storing, and docking of supply. 

Warehouse/Godown in Gurgaon holds all the necessary amenities to cater to the client’s product and supply needs as Gurgaon is neighbor to Capital city- Delhi, availability to top class staff, resources, and a suitable environment.  

Warehouse/Godowns in Gurgaon are most likely used to suffice for the Delhi NCR population’s needs, hence reducing the hectic supply management. 


Strategic Location- 

Warehouse/Godown in New Delhi are very expensive to rent for a short period. Some producers identify forecast demand and stock the goods, then at a given interval, get them transported to small regions. 

Warehouse/Godown in Gurgaon are strategically suitable for this purpose since they are not in the prime region but are in close vicinity to the producing unit. 

So, Gurgaon is giving them the facility of Delhi and at minimal expenses.  



Just in time is a widely used strategic concept in which the producers used to order the raw material and supply the stock when the demands are put forth. Amidst COVID-19 lockdown, this strategy has collapsed and crippled the supply of the basic needs of consumers. 

Now the manufacturing units are taking precautions and restocking after analyzing the past demand for goods. This might force some companies for expansion, hence needing more space. Warehouse/godown in Gurgaon are already ready for it.

In fact, FWS warehouse solutions are already prepared for the upcoming growth for their clients. 



As mentioned earlier, Connectivity plays a major role in meeting consumer demands and reducing the process’s overall cost. 

Gurgaon lies in the middle of Delhi and Haryana. This helps outsource the good for safekeeping and getting it transported in times of need back to producers. Also, keeping the produced good in stock can be supplied to other cities that demand the good. 

Infact, as compared to Delhi; Gurgaon and Noida are more reliable locations for warehouse solutions if considering connectivity on the National level.