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How to choose a Sustainable warehouse in Noida?

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A simple guide for choosing a sustainable Warehouse in Noida.  

Opting for the right warehouse can make all the difference in how effective and efficient the company is. Renting or owning a warehouse is a significant decision for handling a company dealing with logistics. There are multiple aspects that one has to consider while putting their foot down on an option. 

When it comes to opting for a location, it is essential to take time and consider all the below-mentioned criteria and take some notes, and then compare all the available options. Since we are looking for a sustainable warehouse in Noida, it’s like finding a pin in a haystack because every warehouse is almost ancient and lack the government’s latest guidelines. 


Let’s review the selection criteria for the best possible sustainable warehouse in Noida- 


Rental and Taxations- 


Cost and charges are always significant criteria. It will eventually decide your product’s price. Some locations might have less fare but will ultimately lack some features or shortcomings- for example, connectivity or skilled laborers. 


Hidden charges offset any savings you incurred on cheap or less rental. Therefore it must be checked before. 


Moreover, attention must also be paid to local government regulations & guidelines, tax structure, and incentives. Uttar Pradesh also promotes business by giving some programs to strengthen their industry segments.  


Workforce Availability, Labor Skills & Costs


Manforce availability, skills, and labor costs are also a significant aspect one should consider. It is directly associated with the local demographics. Not every location in the nation will be able to offer skilled labor for your company-related tasks. Pay attention to this carefully. 


But in that case, finding skilled labor if you are considering a sustainable warehouse in Noida is easy. Since Noida is cheap compared to Delhi, it houses most of the skilled laborers of the NCR region. 

When evaluating workforce availability, consider supply and demand: Low workforce availability and high demand will drive salaries up (meaning operating expenses will be higher). the other is additionally true. High levels of workforce availability and low order will cause wages down.


Roads, Highways & Traffic Flow


Consider a monthly or yearly assessment of how the roads and highway will affect your daily transportation during a change in seasons. Noida is a gateway for UP’s traffic flow, so traffic should also be considered. 


Transportation charges are affected by some of the below-mentioned factors: 


  • Access to highways & exit ramps
  • Highway inter-connectivity with other cities
  • Public transportation penetration inside the town. 
  • Average traffic speed of highway
  • Average traffic volume during night time. 
  • Traffic peak hours
  • Road safety & conditions
  • Proper roads signs & signals
  • Factors such as congested roads & highways and surface roads and inadequate traffic signaling systems will increase fuel consumption, accident rates, and time ruined.



Markets & Local Environment Factors

Proximity to the markets, producers, and suppliers being catered and the local environment should also be considered. 


If a warehouse is calling itself sustainable, it should be in close vicinity of the significant possible market, suppliers, and considerable consumer base. This will help decrease delivery time, transportation costs, and gradually increase customer satisfaction.