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Layman’s guide to examine warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR. 

HomeLayman’s guide to examine warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR. 

Are you looking for a Warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR for your business needs? But what all aspects to be considered while looking for the desired space? 

At the initiation or expansion of any business, one may find themselves in need of a large space to store the produced goods or make an inventory as per the area’s forecasted demand. Less space can cause an ill-managed and chaotic work environment in your working space, primarily if you target consumers in New Delhi/NCR. Being in incharge of the operation, you may find yourself needing a warehouse or industrial space. 

Warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR are mostly on high demand as they serve the major cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, and many more connected to them. 

Warehouse, Godowns, or fulfillment centers are all considered industrial areas. To give you an idea about factors to view while browsing for the perfect warehouse on a lease, FWS presents a layman’s guide to examine the warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR. 



What and How much Warehouse space does your business demands? Will it cater to the Delhi population or the entire NCR population?

Warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR are small capacity considering the availability of space, and mostly because the manufacturing units are nearby, still they can suffice for the supply need properly. 

Nature or Industry type usually defines the type of Warehouse space best fits your industrial need; for Instance, the Dairy product Industry- A cold storage. 

Generally, fulfillment centers fall under one of three different subsets. 


  • Warehouse space
  • Production Unit
  • Mixed-use property or Flex space 


Vicinity to Carrier Services- 

Your warehouse’s vicinity to the carrier service provider is also a crucial factor. If the warehouse space is near carrier facilities, it will streamline the entire process from the warehouse to the desired customer base. Choose a location that caters both ease and proximity to your consumer and the company. 


Storehouse requirement- 

Consider any unique accommodation that might need to be provided for your goods. Are your products fragile, hazardous, flammable? Make sure that the storehouse can give the proper homage for your products. Check the amenities, safety, staff, and security of the space


Human resource availability- 

While considering the Warehouse location, considering demographics might prove more important rather than the physical space. Human resource availability can impact the overall balance of company costs. 

One looking for a warehouse on lease in New Delhi/NCR does not have to worry about the resource or workforce availability as New Delhi homes the best laborers from around the nation. 


Targeted Consumer base- 

The desired location or the consumer you are targeting to cater is a significant factor to be acknowledged. 

It will allow for faster delivery and reduce the shipping cost and gradually increase the trust amongst the local retailers. Hence, boosting your consumer experience and availability in the market. This will help you build loyal customers in the market, which will help you fight the future competition.



Suppose everything works out well, and now you might have to expand the business in the particular area. Now what? A BIGGER SPACE. 

Consider this well ahead of the process. Look for an option that will have additional room for expansion if required. Determine the potential of the warehouse on lease available, which will help for longevity. 

All in all, there are multiple factors to be acknowledged while putting your foot down on an option, but will that option be able to suffice the need of your business? That is the real question. Choose your warehouse wisely!