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How to get a rented warehouse in Delhi NCR?

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When you start your business or expand your operations, you may need a much larger space to store products and inventory. In this case, you may need an industrial or warehouse for rent. Especially if your business is in the Delhi NCR region. Getting a rented warehouse in Delhi NCR is a difficult task. The stores and warehouses, manufacturing buildings and spaces are considered multipurpose industrial properties. These spaces can be used for the production, storage, fulfillment, or distribution of products or goods.


These are some tips on how to look for a rented warehouse in Delhi NCR focused on your business, including what to look for, how to determine your space and lease needs, as well as the fundamentals involved in industrial, commercial leases.


Determine your needs for commercial and industrial space:

The nature of your business decides the kind of property that is suitable according to your needs. In general, industrial property is comprised of one of the following three subsets:


  • Warehouse space
  • Manufacturing space
  • Flexible space or mixed-use property (a combination of warehouse and manufacturing)


Each type of industrial area has a different purpose. A rented warehouse in Delhi NCR is mainly used for storage and distribution of products. A distribution center is a kind of warehouse that is used to distribute products, but it is not a part of the construction or assembly process. The use of a warehouse may require equipment to pack and label the products in preparation for shipment.


In contrast, a manufacturing space is a place where production and assembling of products are performed. Depending on your manufacturing needs, this type of space may require special zoning or special types of construction, such as reinforced floors, high-volume energy sources, or appropriate ceiling height.


A flexible space, or mixed-use rented warehouse in Delhi NCR is a combination of warehouse space and a manufacturing space so you can handle manufacturing and warehouse needs in one place.


Therefore, you will have to determine if you are looking for a place to manufacture your product, store it, package it, and ship it or a combination of the three.


Tips for visiting rented warehouse in Delhi NCR


To keep you organized, experts recommend that you carefully observe all the options of the godown. Another way to do this is to create a spreadsheet with the details of each space you visit. Use categories to compare the key elements of the properties you see, including:


  • Square meter
  • Rental price
  • Costs and additional expenses
  • Duration of lease terms (months or years?)
  • How well does each property meet your needs?


Locate the right property


Online property databases help to make it easy to start your commercial search or store and warehouse from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you have found the type of property that best suits your business, you can take help of online databases to compare features that meet your specific criteria.


When you start the search, you will have to decide:


Your monthly rental budget

How much space do you need?

What location are you looking for? Do you need to be close to clients, partners, suppliers, or means of transport in particular?

What features do you need? For example, offices, loading docks for trucks, abundant power supplies, reinforced floors, or appropriate ceiling height.

Once you have searched online to identify your needs, and have an idea of the market, use your list of criteria to contact a warehouse professional.